Investment Management

Wainbridge complements its sophisticated transaction structuring and financing skills with extensive hands-on real estate asset management experience to deliver the best possible risk adjusted returns to investors.

Because we understand the full real estate investment and development process, we can more accurately analyse the riskadjusted returns. This allows us to more effectively and appropriately structure transactions to ensure we outperform our peers.

Development Coordination

Wainbridge provide market-leading development coordination services to an international client base. Our extensive experience of delivering highly complex residential and commercial projects sets us apartĀ from our competition.

By effectively curating and coordinating world-class collaborators, the company creates market leading developments that have enabled us to maximise returns to all investors and stakeholders within each of our completed projects.

Asset Management

Active real estate asset management lies at the heart of our philosophy as investment returns are not just driven by intelligent acquisitions and dispositions.

Real value can indeed be created through active real estate asset management. The unique experience of the Wainbridge team combined with a hands-on approach assists our investors in achieving superior investment returns.